Reclaimed Brick Patio

Reclaimed Brick Patio. All the brick was taken up and set aside, a foot of dirt and sand dug out, and new base material. The mot had compacted naturally over 3 years and was completely solid, but if we’ve laid it recently we’d have needed to use some kind of compacting power tool.

20 Kitchen Designs With Brick Flooring
20 Kitchen Designs With Brick Flooring from

The beauty of reclaimed brick is the story of it's history. We brought in wheel barrel loads of sand. £2.00 + vat each size:

Reclaimed Bricks Are Tough As Well.

Next weekend i will be excavating the foundation for a 450 sf reclaimed brick patio. 9″ x 4 1/4″ x 2 3/4″ view details; Multiply the length x width x height of your layer, all in feet.

Add An Edge To Your Patio With Your Remaining Paving Bricks.

For our reclaimed bricks, we used about 20cm of compacted mot, followed by 50mm of sharp sand. Weekends have gone by where i didn't have to help the boyfriend move the table and chairs in order to mow the lawn! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Next, Lay Down Gravel Or Crushed Rock To Solidify The Foundation, And Cover The Top With Landscaping Fabric To Prevent Weeds.

Posted on june 26, 2011. But the antique brick paired with the runningbond pattern makes it look like it’s been there forever! These will be a harder to cut than concrete pavers.

The Mot Had Compacted Naturally Over 3 Years And Was Completely Solid, But If We’ve Laid It Recently We’d Have Needed To Use Some Kind Of Compacting Power Tool.

We also have the capability of fabricating outside corner pieces and. Thin brick veneer is a versatile interior design option for many varied spaces, mixing seamlessly with both old and new architecture. Once the crushed stone was down & level.

We Brought In Wheel Barrel Loads Of Sand.

Our patio is about 18sqm, and we used about 9 tonnes of mot to fill the base. Legs and feet, no longer in the grass, remained bug and itch free! If you want your patio, path, or driveway to have a subtly multicolored finish, reclaimed bricks are an excellent way to achieve this.


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